Current informations


Il Perfetto®  raw materials for vending




Product types:

- Il Perfetto®  roasted coffee beans

- Il Perfetto®  coffee creamers

- Il Perfetto®  toppings

- Il Perfetto®  chocolate beverage powders

- Il Perfetto®  flavoured tea beverage powders

- Il Perfetto®  instant coffees


Product lines:

- Il Perfetto®  Ametist line

- Il Perfetto®  Crystal line

- Il Perfetto®  Diamond line

- Il Perfetto®  Rubin line

- Il Perfetto®  Smaragd line


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Arrived machines 21.09.2016.:



Polaris ES

BVM 921 ES

BVM 951 ES

BVM 971 ES



Combi snack ES



Brio 200 ES

Brio 200 IN

Brio 250 ES

Venezia ES

Venezia ES Silver edition

Venezia ES Blue edition

Venezia IN

Spazio ES

Spazio ES 'round door'

Kikko ES

Zenith ES + Lavazza Blue
















We inform our visitors and customers that not all available types and inventories can be found on our website.
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Different kind of spare part machines are available!

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